Dating amperex tubes

Any tubes that were designated for the military, by law, could not have the factory logo on them often, cv tubes would be re-labeled after decommissioning so it is possible to see a factory logo on a cv tube. Do the siemens tubes you are looking at pass this authentication test ecc83 / 12ax7 double halo supports make sure you are buying real siemens halske 12ax7 tubes - they have double-halo-support-rods, shiny triangular or gray coated points ( 4 on top mica and 4 on the bottom mica) and the siemens halske ‡ codes in the glass. 2) for a warmer tone than the dutch tubes, but also a lot of presence and mid-range: mullard tubes branded with three or four digit date codes from the 50's and 60's (like the above) beginning either with a b for the blackburn, england plant, or an r for the mitcham plant. Amperex electronic corporation was a manufacturer of vacuum tubes and semiconductors.

Marstrancom a place to talk transformers and more sylvania gold brand tubes brochure (and more) by dai h » thu apr 23, 2015 12:53 pm 8 replies 4606 views old audio tube ad scans (amperex, mullard, etc) by dai h » wed dec 11, 2013 12:13 pm 2 replies 1222 views. 5847a jan gold pin 5847a jan gold pin amperex vacuum tubes joint army navy us (jan) tough high gain miniature glass pentodes manufactured in the united states by amperex these mil spec 9 pin tubes are designed for long and reliable service life. 1) factory code , 2) year of manufacturing, 3) month, 4) week (this is usually on tubes manufactured after 1960) the first 2 characters are the most important ones since factory code would show where a tube was made and year, well, this one is super important since sound changes quite a bit for the same tube from the same place depending on a year.

8560as-2 transmitting tube, misc amperex & eimac brand, (nos - older date code) we have various tubes available in both amperex and eimac brands date codes older than 1997 tubes are new old stock note: picture for reference only tube brand and condition will vary. Unbeatable prices on thousands of guaranteed and tested vintage nos hi-fi audio, radio, ham and industrial vacuum tubes for sale in stock and ready to ship. For sale is a matched pair of amperex jan 7308 tubes, o getters, grey shields, gold pins, vr57j and what appears to be vr57i (smudged) factory codes second owner i would estimate around 200 hours, if that.

Amperex gold pin usn-cep 6922's are the most sought after tubes for a reasonthe sound these deliver absolute heavenly bliss this pair is from a treasure trove find of 100 perfect examples still new in the box old stock tubes. Nos nib tungsram el84 6bq5- these mil spec tubes were actually made for siemens and are one of the best sounding el84 tubes we have heard from eastern europe extra flashing is placed at the ventilation holes on tungsram el84 and then these were screened and tested by siemens for a military contract. Amperex put the bugle boy on many of the philips conglomerate tubes (mullard, siemens, valvo, even early ei) buying based only on the cartoon character will surely lead you down the road to confusion as far as many buyers are concerned, you've just dropped the potential market value of that tube at least by half. Amperex, mullard, philips, and valvo tube codes mostamperex, mullard, philips and valvo tubes are marked with a group of symbols which contain coded information relating to the type, place of manufacture or country of origin, and the date of manufacture.

Xf2 indicates either the blackburn works in the uk, or eindhoven, holland tube factory (after philips electronics bought mullard in the '60s) the differences in the 2 facilities s tubes are in the bases -color and size, and the getters both facilities made these tubes for other companies (for re branding) as well. The holy grail of 6dj8 tubes for sale is a matched pair of ultra rare amperex 6dj8 pinched waist with d-getters dating from the late 50s (branded ge) treat yourself to a pair of the most desirable 6dj8 tubes of all time at my lower than low price of $27500 the pair. On sale is one matching pair of amperex 6922 vacuum tube they are premium quality tubes with gold pins and pinched waist envelope they were made in us at the very early 60's both tubes have the same codes as 7l4 9j 945 these tubes are one of the very best in the e88cc / 6922 family their trans. If you are looking for a tube that has a similar sonic character to this one that will be suitable for use in a preamp, check out the pope pcc88/7dj8 driver grade - lowest noise but not the lowest in microphony triode balance will be similar to gold grade. Rod ~ world tube company amperex ( bugle boy ) these vacuum tubes are used in high end guitar amplifiers and audio gear, ac/dc radio equipment and in many diversified applications such a multivibrators or oscillators in industrial control devices this tube is a main stay in many recording studio guitar and bass amplifiers they are also widely used in recording studio outboard gear such as mic preamps and such amperex tubes are some of the best tubes you can get and are getting hard to find.

Dating amperex tubes

12au7 amperex / philips / philips miniwatt holland 1960 - 1972 (lively midrange, sweet sound, good bass, quiet, this is not a dull 12au7) - ashdown little bastard 2010 - bk butler tube driver - (2nd only to the 7316 philips miniwatt holland and mullard holland, listed at top of page) to buy 12au7 philips holland. Dating amperex tubes for sale, you are here they are incredible tubes re: no date codes on amperex tubes- real i do not sell kenya local dating club issue tubes all tests are tested twice - prior to the listing and prior to shipping. The tube at left, rebranded as united type 45, is actually a type 2a3 the tube at the center is a genuine type 45 and the tube at the right is a correctly marked 2a3 united was an old us maker of transmitting and industrial types they never made receiving tubes someone else owns the brand name and has used it to rebrand many types.

  • ( brand: amperex ), ( model: 7119 ), review amperex 7119 nib vacuum tubes i m assisting a relative with an estate over 700 more to come all tubes are new and in their original factory boxes.
  • Look for it near the bottom of the tube after the “made in western germany” print, centered in the middle of the tube (usually uppercase listed in a column instead of side by side), or near the top of tube after the 12ax7 / ecc83 print for example, for the tubes in the photo, “fr” = dec 1968, “lh” = dec 1963, and “pe” = oct 1964.

The dating codes on these tubes are on the bottom 1984 is the year, and indicates that it was made in the 5th week of 52 weeks in the year it's not an indicator of the month like brimar, tungsram and amperex some people say the old teslas (not jj) are close, too out of all the tubes i've a/b to a nos mullard cv4004, not one tube. These tubes are mint and you will be the first to carve your mics unique sonic signature into them they are identical in inner a-frame construction to 6dj8 amperex holland pqand 6dj8 amperex holland globe logo from 1968-1978 decade. Read and understand the codes the codes are written in two lines on standard tubes and in two rows on special tubes (as e88cc) on the glass close to the base.

Dating amperex tubes
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